Walid Krichene


I am a member of the Laser group at Google Research and Machine Intelligence.

I work on methods for convex optimization, and their connections to continuous-time dynamics and stochastic approximation. I also work on factor models and applications to personalized recommendation.

I did my Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at UC Berkeley, with Prof. Alex Bayen and Prof. Peter Bartlett. I wrote my thesis on Continuous and discrete time dynamics for online learning and convex optimization.

Here, you can find a description of my research projects, a list of my publications and previous work I did.

  1. I will give a talk on continuous-time optimization methods at the Machine Learning seminar at the University of Washington.

  2. I will be one of the speakers at the Bay Area Optimization meeting (BayOpt 2018).

News Archive

  1. Our paper on Adaptive Averaging in Accelerated Descent Dynamics is accepted at NIPS (December 2017). Supplementary material.

  2. I will give my dissertation talk on Continuous and Discrete Dynamics for Online Learning and Convex Optimization on August 18, 2016 at 3pm, in Cory 337.

  3. Our paper on Minimizing regret on reflexive Banach spaces and Nash equilibria in continuous zero-sum games (with Max Balandat) is accepted at NIPS (December 2016).

  4. Our paper on Adaptive Averaging in Accelerated Descent Dynamics is accepted at NIPS (December 2016).

  5. I will be giving a talk at the IPAM in UCLA on distributed learning, estimation and control for routing (November 2015).

  6. Our paper on accelerated mirror descent in continuous and discrete time is selected for a spotlight presentation at NIPS (December 2015).
    The supplementary material contains proofs and videos.
    I recently gave a longer talk on the topic. Here are the slides.

  7. I will be giving a talk at the KAUST conference on Human-Machine Networks and Intelligent Infrastructure (October 6, 2015). Slides

  8. I will be presenting Syrine's work on heterogeneous routing using stochastic mirror descent at Allerton (September 30, 2015). Slides

  9. I will be presenting our work on efficient Bregman projections at CDC 2015 in Osaka (December 2015).

  10. I was awarded the Leon O. Chua Award for outstanding achievement in nonlinear science!

  11. Benjamin Drigh├Ęs received the Best Research Internship award (Prix d'Option) from Ecole Polytechnique, on our work on distributed learning! Congratulations Benjamin!

  12. I was awarded the Berkeley Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award for MFE 230P (Optimization Methods for Finance, part of the Masters of Financial Engineering at the Haas School of Business).

  13. I was awarded the EECS Distinguished Student Teaching Award for EE128 (Feedback control systems), together with Max Balandat. This was a fun class, and Max was a great person to work with!

  14. I put some videos produced by students on my teaching page, on the inverted pendulum and magnetic levitation labs. Check them out here!


Walid Krichene
Google Inc. Research and Machine Intelligence.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway,
Mountain View, CA 94043

Email: \(\text{walid@eecs.berkeley.edu}\)